On arrive quand?
Alexandre Louvenaz

I like to create things that seem repulsive at first. Stupid or devoid of interest. But which is revealed in a second step a little deeper or poetic. Even if a character is ugly, it can also be touching. I love secondary characters and bootleg toys. I also have a lot of nostalgy for the computer art of the 9o’s. 


The Wrong Television is a live streaming video platform, managed as a flexible and open virtual art salon, experienced as a linear television channel, curated by David Quiles Guilló, presenting audiovisual exhibitions since 2o2o.

Now showing Television. A live streaming group exhibition of videos where new content is added everyday from November 1st, 2o23 to March 1st, 2o24. Television is the official open pavilion of The Wrong Biennale.



Television Open Call.
Ongoing to March 1st. 2o24.

The Wrong Biennale.
Press Room.

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