i fell in love too young 
bob georgeson

i fell in love too young to know all that existence under threatening skies the limit of my patience is a virtue to be cherished little ones and twos a crowd three monkeys swing high and low down rider on the plains of the desert served after the mainline shoots and leaves without saying goodbye to all that matters not to me myself and i want you so much ado about what i said last to arrive at your destination unknown to science and art intertwined forever in our hearts and minds over matters of the heart and soul dancer in the skies above us and them changes everything now and again you say what you really mean to me all the time and space travel to the city of orange days and purple nights in black chiffon and lace my shoes together we walk together down this road to nowhere man and woman together in holy grail drinking from the cup of chance encounters with strangers in the night of the long knives and forks in the road less travelled too far and away from home is where the heart beats to a different drum and bass caught in a river that flows and ebbs to escape it's past caring about you don't love me you have never loved mea culpa and all that latin festivals that go bang in small doses of life giving medicine that helps i need somebody all the time not just anytime sooner rather than later on this evening when the sun goes down on me forever in my mind that wanders through the twisting lane overtaking the rest of the field where poppies grow and bodies decompose this poem of love me tender is the night before us who wait for a dawn that never comes

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