IIC - International Internal Catastrophes.

Audio and film material were gathered from expeditions in the remote parts of Iceland and transformed into a visceral, elegant and profound 30-minute audiovisual piece. Sought to trigger synaesthetic responses in the spectator by harnessing dissonant elements and bringing them to layered and gradual peaks. Carefully constructed mythical crescendos, slow motion deliriums, hyper-beauty, elegance and tenderness come together in an immersive and resonant cinematic work. 


The Wrong Television is a live streaming video platform, managed as a flexible and open virtual art salon, experienced as a linear television channel, curated by David Quiles Guilló, presenting audiovisual exhibitions since 2o2o.

Now showing Television. A live streaming group exhibition of videos where new content is added everyday from November 1st, 2o23 to March 1st, 2o24. Television is the official open pavilion of The Wrong Biennale.



Television Open Call.
Ongoing to March 1st. 2o24.

The Wrong Biennale.
Press Room.

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